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The word incense means something really attractive. The incense is not only used to attract a human, but it is also used to worship the god and trapping insects and animals. God said to Mosses: Take fragrances such as balsam, onycha, galbanum and pure frankincense, all of the same weight, as well as other specified fragrances. (Bible:30:34) Incense has been found in entire world and in all cultures. It is used in temples, it is used in homes, it is used on occasion of worship, and it is used at the time of birth and death.

Incense has its relation with all religions and medicines. It is used to create calm and pleasant atmosphere to suit all types of moods. Incense is rooted with man’s first experience with heat and fire. The written history supports that the incense is being used for millions years for the purpose of enjoyment and medicine. Probably man might have pleased with some sort of wood burning. Incense is available in various forms with various names like woods, herbs, pastes, powders, oils, soap, candles, liquids and other solid forms.

Earlier the incense were in the form of sticks or cones that were invented in Japan in 1800s. There is information regarding invention of incense stick by Chinese around 200ce. There is herbal incense that is mixed for fragrance and in all cases it is used after burning. Natural incense has less aroma and these give effect only after burning.

The word Ayurveda has been derived from Indian Vedas. Ayurveda herbals are used as a magic and as a spiritual approach of medicine. Brahmanisations of medical texts refine the orthodox view and tend to adopt Ayurveda. Mostly all the incense uses same ingredients. There are mainly five ingredients- Ether, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Ether is the fruit like Anise, Water is the stem and branche like cassia, borneol, Earth is the root like Turmeric, Fire is the flower like clove and Air is leaves like patchouli.There are thousand of ingredients used in making incense starting from salt to charcoal. And further perfecting to develop particular incense it is to be refined continuously. The easiest method of preparing incense is by using Makko binder. Makko is a water soluble binder and also it is a burning agent. Sandalwood found in Mysore area of Karnataka India is a very common wood used in every Indian and foreign incense formulae, and it forms the best aroma with its burning capability as an agent. If only sandalwood is used to make incense, then only 10% makko will make a qualitative incense.

There is always evils and myths with every good things. So it is with incense. Burning of Incense creates pollution and it is hazardous for human beings. There are myths connected with incense. As there is myth that modern techniques include the Salt Peter in the process of preparing incense that undoubtedly, a later mixed ingredients in the preparation of incense, basically in the last 30-years.We at carry wide variety of selected Handmade Nepalese & Tibetan incenses, incense burners & holders in different materials like brass, white metal, wood, and copper found in different sizes and designs for online shopping made by qualified and experienced craftsmen of Nepal and Tibetan people living in Nepal. If you want additional information or buy wholesale our incenses and incense accessories simply send us a mail at

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