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The Heavenly World of Hindu Idols, Hindu God and Goddess

When the practice of Hinduism flourished in a number of tribes so many years ago, different Hindu God and Goddess emerged. Unlike other religions where it is customary to worship only one god, the Hindus have numerous Hindu idols. The number amounts to over 30 million Hindu idols and each of them is worshipped by various practioners.

The venture of these Hindu idols is literally filled with colorful Hindu God and Goddess. Some are depicted as white skinned and some are depicted as blue-skinned gods. Some even possess different unique features like having three eyes, four arms, eight arms or even an elephant’s head. This actuality makes Hindu Gods and Goddesses so engaging. A good example is Garuda Statue , the God of Birds. He possesses wings and a beak of an eagle.

Although there are countless Hindu idols , there are three main Hindu Gods and they are referred to as the Hindu Trinity . Their names are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva . Brahma is identified as the Creator. He has creative intelligence and he was believed as the creator of the universe.

Vishnu , the second Hindu God, is referred to as the preserver of the universe. He is likewise called as the God of the Sun. He illuminates the world and its beings. He is blue-skinned and he has four arms. He has been referred to with many names.

There are varied Buddha Mudras. Here are some that are used in some sculptures:

Hindu God and Goddess

Hindu Idol Ganesh
Hindu goddess Laxmi Statue

Shiva , the third god, is sometimes called by numerous names like Rudra, Shankara and Nilakanteswara . He is referred to as the destroyer of the evil forces. He is depicted as having serpents coiled around him and carrying a trident. He also possesses a third eye and is described as someone who is always wearing a smile.

Every Hindu God and Goddess has a partner. Brahma’s consort is named Saraswati, the goddess of art , music and knowledge. Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of beauty and love . Shiva’s consort is Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction, transformation and power . Kali is the fearsome form of The Divine Mother and just like her; the other Hindu deities exist in different forms. For example Dhumvati is the ugly form of Shakti when she exists without Shiva. Durga , is another form of the Hindu Goddess Parvati .

Hindu Idols

Ram Statue
Lord hanuman Statue

A Hindu God could also be regarded as the reincarnation of a previous god. Like the Hindu God Kurma , he is regarded as the turtle-like reincarnation of Vishnu. Annapurna , the Hindu Goddess of food and cooking is the incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Parvati, the wife of Shiva. For the Ramayans, Ram is a central figure who is also the 7th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Hindu idols are worshipped because people seek their blessings. For example when a new house or a new venture like the construction of a building is planned, the Hindu God Ganesh is propitiated.

Literally there are numerous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Believers in them have their own favorite gods. However, when one’s belief become more profound, more connected with the spiritual cosmos, more enlightened with the knowledge of the divine, he will find that there is really no need for gods and goddesses as they are all connected to Brahman , the Supreme Being .

Gods Of Hinduism

Hindu God Garuda Statue

God & Goddess

God Shiva
Hindu goddess Kali

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