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Himalayacrafts.com a portal to selected Nepalese handicrafts presenting you with glimpses of the very best of Nepali handicrafts with pleasant and fabulous online shopping experience unbiased web site reviews, speed delivery, easy-to-navigate and highlighted time and money-saving deals for Nepalese handmade crafts.

Nepal being a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions – has an amazing variety of handicraft products. We have selected and placed our products carefully to give you a large selection of Himalayan handicrafts online sale with competitive and affordable prices. You can explore your fascinating handicrafts store with all kinds of Nepali Arts and crafts, ethnic products, Buddhist ritual item, Thangka, Mandalas, Khukuri (khukri), original Pashmina shawl, Cashmere shawl, Nepalese silver jewellery, Nepali musical instruments, Buddha statues, Singing bowl, Mask, Prayer wheel, Tibetan artifacts, Nepalese handicraft decoration materials, Incense, Incense burner/holder, all kind of Nepalese handcrafted metal statues, Resin statues, Silver jewellery and the best of Nepalese handicrafts market from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. We have wholesale option too so that any body wishes for Nepalese crafts from Nepal in bulk can order. We are constantly working to improve himalayacrafts.com and make it an unforgettable shopping destination for all your online shopping needs because we strive to satisfy and delight our customers.

Metal Statues
18" Kuber on Lion *08" Furuwa Shakti Statue
Metal Statues Image
Product#:SA - 485
Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and money, and denotes wealth, money and success in business as well as acquisition and accumulation of wealth.
Price:$ 1,538.54
In Stock:On order
Metal Statues Image
Product#:SA - 627
This wonderful 8 ” Furuwa Shakti Statue is crafted by the experienced artists of Patan, Nepal who have been in this business for generations.
Price:$ 395.63
In Stock:Yes
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Handmade Gifts
Ashtray 1Artemisia (w) - (Artemisia vulgaris)
Handmade Gifts Image
Product#:AA - 1283
handmade metal Ashtray
Price:$ 13.75
In Stock:Yes
Handmade Gifts Image
Product#:BO - 854
Essential oils are the volatile essences extracted from the roots, bark, leaves, or flowers of aromatic plants by steam, distillation, expression or solvent extraction. Essential oils are applied topically or inhaled, and may act on all types of physical,
Price:$ 0.00
In Stock:Yes
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Silver Jewellery
Wire EarringsFlower Earrings
Silver Jewellery Image
Product#:CH - 1379
This beautiful earrings is made in 925 silver Wire
Price:$ 12.60
In Stock:Yes
Silver Jewellery Image
Product#:CH - 1354
This beautiful earrings is made in 925 silver with Flower
Price:$ 13.97
In Stock:Yes
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Resin Statues
Ganesh StatueDragon-Horse-Set
Resin Statues Image
Product#:MA - 4722
Ganesh Statue
Price:$ 8.80
In Stock:Yes
Resin Statues Image
Product#:MA - 330
Statue of a dragon
Price:$ 15.38
In Stock:Yes
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Buy Wish ListDetails
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Music Instruments
Flute Sanaya - straight woodSmall Murchunga Brass
Music Instruments Image
Product#:SI - 385
Basuri (flute) is a parallel hollow music instrument.
Price:$ 26.38
In Stock:Yes
Music Instruments Image
Product#:SI - 408
The jaw harp (Murchunga) is one of the oldest instruments in the world and is found in many countries.
Price:$ 3.69
In Stock:Yes
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Buy Wish ListDetails
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Small Laughing Buddha Statue on stand
Small Laughing Buddha Statue on stand
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